30 Tested Ways To Make Money From Blogging In India.

Running a Blog?

Searching for different ways to make money from Blogging? then your search might end here.

Because, Today on thedheerajsoni we are presenting you – 30+ Tested and Proven ways from where you can earn a great amount through Blogging.

Blogging is one of the most powerful weapon in this Digital World to make a ton of money! One can really make UNLIMITED money through it as per one’s potential because there is no limit.

The following ways are really tested and proven and should be applied to multiply your Blogging income even 10X times!

So here we dive into our 30+ Ways To Make Money From Blogging In India.

Table of Contents

1: Affiliate Marketing - All time favourite

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable methods to make money from blogging.

According to me this is the best way to make an Insane amount of money from blogging as it works best for me.

Suggesting and Reviewing products and services on your blog as per your respective niche could generate a massive amount for you.

Affiliate Marketing doesn’t need a high traffic to your site, but only needs some high converting visitors.

Having genuine and loyal readers can literally result into high converting buyers. It is the most favourite method of mine too.

2: Earn from Ad-Networks

Ad-Network is the initial love of Bloggers, as it is the fastest way to start the cash rolling in.

You can earn money by serving third party ads on your blog.

Ad-Networks like Adsense, Ezoic , Media.net are some really popular and high-paying Ad-Networks.

Especially in India, Adsense is the most used ad-network as it is the highest paying network and google owned as well.

Just by getting approval on the ad-network which you love to work with and done! Just make the ads live on your blog.

As users surf on your blog, you will start making money from the ad-network.

But it needs high blog traffic to earn a larger amount, It means More Traffic = More Revenue.

3: Dropshipping

Interested in e-Commerce?

Then you could try Dropshipping.

By creating an e-commerce website and just list the products which are relevant to your niche and start selling them.

There is no headache of managing the orders, delivery or after sale service as it is managed by the site or the wholesaler.

You can create an online e-commerce store easily by using websites like Shopify and you can further integrate it with WordPress as well.

4: Giving Links

Every Blogger wants to have their domain linked with high authority domains, it’s also called Backlink.

Having a high authority blog can help making money through giving backlinks to other blogs.

It is one of the easiest method of making a good amount of money by just giving a link to another blog and charging it a fee.

You can list your site on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork etc, to sell backlink with a good amount of fee in return.

5: Sponsored Widgets

We all use widgets in our blog’s layout, like in sidebar, footer, header or even between posts.

Similarly promoting online or offline services or products whatever it can be relevant to your niche, could also help in generating money.

You can charge fees by featuring the widgets of the company, site, or any product you’re promoting.

Also you can add promoted links in between your blog posts or articles.

6: Selling Services

If you master any skill relevant to your niche then you can make money selling those skills as a service.

For example – Web Design, App Development, SEO and so on..Any kind of skill can be sold on a blog which could be charged a great fee.

You can create a chat-bot and can sell your services too, as it will grab users’ attention.

You can also appeal to your readers to buy any product or service that you’re promoting from your affiliate link and can give one service free of cost in return.

7: Selling Products

Just like Services, Products can also be sold on a Blog.

Example – You can sell Sports Accessories if you run a Sports Blog, or can sell electronic devices and gadgets or any kind of product relevant to your niche.

You can add some affiliate discount coupons as well to generate affiliate commision too.

Always sell products relevant to your niche only, otherwise it will have a negative impact on your readers’ mind.

8: Provide Paid Consultation

Everyone, before starting any kind of business, always prefers to hire an expert and take consultancy from him.

You can also provide paid consultation on your niche and can earn a great fee from consulting the customers.

For example – My readers take my consultancy regards their blogging issues and doubts and I charge them an amount for consulting them for 1 hour.

Remember, Your readers are your real customers!

9: Sponsored Posts

Brands spend a ton of money promoting their products or services online.

By writing on any product or reviewing it can be very profitable.

You can also get sponsored posts of any product or service, and based on that you just have to post an article and get paid through it.

Remember that you can only get higher sponsorship rates if you have a great traffic on your blog.

Initially, you have to approach brands to get sponsored posts, but after getting your site some fame you will start getting direct brand approach into your email inbox.

10: Get paid for giving Special Appearance

Sometimes you get invitations for writing on other blogs.

For writing or giving a special appearance on other blogs also you can charge money.

For example – You can give paid interviews or write your own secrets on other blogs.

It’s only possible if you have enough fame or others want to get your opinion or want to know about you.

11: Get paid for Guest Posts

Guest Post is one of the best method to get the best quality of backlink.

But finding authority sites is not an easy deal. You can appeal your readers for guest posts with high quality backlink by charging an amount in return.

Having an authority blog is the first condition of getting paid through guest posts.

You can list your blog for accepting paid guest posts on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork etc. There is a great opportunity to get a good amount from there.

12: Promoting other blogs

If you have a blog with enough traffic then you might get mails to promote other websites through your blog.

Even I also get those emails for promoting my reader’s blog.

You can charge high rates and promote their blogs for some fixed time, ask them to pay more if they want to promote their link for a longer time.

You can promote them with the help of internal linking, interview, testimonials etc.

13: Create a Social Ecosystem

Grow your social media network like Facebook Pages, YouTube Channel, Instagram, Twitter, Podcasts nowadays – along with your blog simultaneously.

From this you can multiply your income sources even 10X times.

Benefit of growing your social media network would be really helpful in multiplying your income.

You can get sponsored videos on youtube, sponsored posts/story on Instagram/Facebook and even could get Paid Sponsored Tweets for your twitter account as well.

The second benefit is that you are simultaneously building your asset for your business.

14: Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most used earning sources of Bloggers.

In this method, you have to first collect the list of email of your targetted readers and then make profit from the email list.

You can use software like mailerlite (Free for 1000 emails) , getresponse etc. to send emails,

And Page builders like Thrive Architect to create eye-grabbing option forms and collect email.

After collecting the list, the targeted emails are sent mails associated with affiliate products and services and from there a great affiliate commission can be made.

The conversion rate is high, as you directly reach out to the targeted audience.

15: Sell your own creations

As you run a Blog, you might keep creating different creations like any software, app, wordpress theme, wordpress plugin or anything related to your category.

You can sell those creations and can earn a great amount of money from there.

Example – Kulwant Nagi, the owner of BloggingCage has made his own wordpress theme called Affiliate Booster and now he is generating a great amount just by selling the theme.

You can check Affiliate Booster WordPress Theme Here.

Similarly you can also do this, whether it be any app, theme, or even images and videos are also be sold on websites like Shutterstock.

16: Products promotions in Posts

Various products keep launching daily. Brands spend a lot of money promoting their product.

By reaching to brands or they can reach to you as well, by adding a review or adding the product on your blog, A good amount can be made by charging them.

You need to keep approaching different brands to get the best opportunity for the promotion of products.

17: Give Rented Links

As I said, An Authority Backlink is one of the most needy desire of every Blogger.

You can give links on rent to others by charging them monthly, yearly or even weekly.

This is one of the easiest way to make money from blogging, just give links and make money 😜.

For this also, you can list your blog on freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork etc.

18: Organise Seminars/Webinars

Seminars of Digital Entrepreneurs like Russel Brunson (Owner of Click Funnels) are attended by thousands of people.

Everyone wants to learn new things, and they literally pay for it.

If you have some special skills and potential to make people learn, then you can learn people through seminars and nowadays webinars as well.

Just organise webinars or seminars for your readers. Sell tickets by promoting it through your network and make a good amount of money with it.

With the help of seminars and webinars your trust worthiness would increase and your readers become your genuine followers.

19: Earn money through URL Shorteners

URL Shortener is also an initial method to earn a coffee from blogging.

If you have a blog in which you let your users to download anything, then you can use url shorteners like ( url shortener websites ) to earn a good amount from it.

Url Shortener is not recommended for blogs having a good fame and authority, as it baddens users’ experience with too many ads.

But at the initial level, it’s a very good option to earn small expenses.

20: Create membership page

Everything can’t be revealed for free!

Thus, if you have content in your niche which you can’t publish like a normal blog post, then you can create a premium membership page for your blog.

In which you can charge the user for accessing premium content which is not available anywhere else.

And if you have that damn good content, which people really need, then you could definitely earn a great amount through it.

You can set monthly, annually, quarterly or even weekly plans for the premium membership. Trust worthiness is one of the main factor here.

21: Selling Email List

As I said email marketing is one of the most used marketing technique nowadays, brands does the same for promoting their products.

But, the most important thing is having a good email list, therefore Brands keep on searching active email to promote themselves through email marketing.

And hence they used to purchase email list from others at a good amount.

Now, it’s not completely white hat, but you can use this method of selling email lists by charging money.

22: PopUp Ads

Popup Ads is also a type of method in which third party advertisements are shown on your blog.

You can log on many websites like popads, adsterra or can search for the best pop ads, and can serve them on your blog.

This method again requires a lot of traffic on your blog to earn more. You can earn a reasonable amount from this method as well.

Again, this method is only recommended to use at an initial level to make money from blogging, as it aslo baddens the user experience.

23: Domain Flipping

You can try your hand in Domain Flipping, It’s a business of buying and selling of Old/Expired Domain names.

You can buy some old and authority domains which are listed for sale and then sell them for even higher prices.

Online Marketplaces like Flippa have websites listed to be sold, Buying the best website, working on it and then reselling it at high prices even multiple times of buying price can be a very profitable business.

But it needs Investment as domain purchase is required first and there is no such guarantee that it will be sold at more price than we bought.

Having proper knowledge of the market, and domains could result in an insane amount of earning.

24: Ask Donations

Having loyal and genuine readers always results in more income.

If you have the same, then you can ask for donations as well to your readers who really read and love your content.

Gateways like Paypal allows you to add a donate button anywhere on your blog you want, and that too with no coding requirements.

Websites who don’t have any ad-network approved or doing anything which isn’t white hat, those sites use this method the most to generate revenue.

25: Paid Surveys

Brands keep organising online surveys regarding their products and services.

If you get sponsored posts, simultaneously there are great chances of getting an offer for a survey as well by the brand.

If you have a strong social network, then the chances become great of getting paid surveys.

You can get paid surveys for your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter too if you have a genuine and larger number of followers.

26: Paid Giveaways

For Brands, promotion is their key to success, and for promoting they does various kinds of giveaway or trials for their products and services.

They approach websites, youtubers and various influencers for giving away their products.

You can also get those offers and can charge them for giving away their products or promoting trials.

27: Sell Courses

As I said, people enjoy learning new things and they pay for it.

If you have anything special or skills which you think you could teach others then
you can make and sell courses for your readers and sell them at a good price.

Again, the power should be in the content and the way of your teaching.

Ripon Sahaji – Tech Ripon (Youtuber and a Blogger) have made money in lakhs
through just selling his courses.

Trust worthiness is again the most important factor.

28: Promote Offline Startups

Just like big brands, some offline business also promotes themselves digitally through websites and social media.

They approach their local websites and social media accounts who are having a good number of followers and visitors.

And by charging them you can promote their offline business on your blog by giving them a shoutout or showing their product in your video/blog post.

By this you could earn a good amount of money and also can promote offline startups.

29: Create Resource Page

Just like me and other bloggers do, you can create a Page where you can add all resources with your affiliate links in it.

For example – Ankita Singla (Owner of Masterblogging.com) has created a resource page where he has added blogging related products and services like Hosting, Themes, Plugins, Softwares etc.

You can check his resource page here.

Similarly you could also create a Page like him and add resources relevant to your niche with their affiliate links.

This could generate a good amount of affiliate commission as it works for me as well.

30: Sell Blog

Many Bloggers just work on increasing their Blog Authority – As they take Selling Blogs as their business rather than working on it.

A high authority brand domain usually sells out on literally high prices in Auctions.

A Brand-Like domain name having high authority always acts as a high paying asset for the owner.

You can place your Blog to auctions on websites like Empireflippers to get the highest possible rates.

FAQs On How to make money from blogging in India.

As I said in the article above, there is no limit of earning in Blogging, In India according to some reports Anil Agrawal is the highest earning Blogger earning approx $60,000/month.

Initially a much more endeavour is required to start earning from blogging, but once it starts it keeps on increasing as you work.

According to me the best ways to earn money from blogging is Affiliate
Marketing and second one is Ad-networks, as Both are the highest paying
methods to me.

Starting a blog is not an easy deal, you need a complete and a definitive guide for it, You can check our guide on – How to start a money making blog.

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Dheeraj Soni
Hi! I’m Dheeraj. Founder of TheDheerajsoni.com, an SEO practitioner, loves to play with analytics, numbers and share knowledge about online marketing especially in SEO and Blogging. Make sure to follow me if you are looking for high-quality content and SEO tips.

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Dheeraj Soni
Dheeraj Soni
Hi! I’m Dheeraj. Founder of TheDheerajsoni.com, an SEO practitioner, loves to play with analytics, numbers and share knowledge about online marketing especially in SEO and Blogging. Make sure to follow me if you are looking for high-quality content and SEO tips.

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